JUSTMagnifiers supply low cost Promotional magnifying glasses which can be printed with company logos for Give-a-Ways, Exhibitions, Mail Shots, Product Launch's,  Corporate Gifts etc., and are used in many different industries.


Our promotional magnifiers have been used in hundreds of different industries and businesses wanting to use an effective promotional advertising tool to get across a message. 

That message could have been a business card lens, or a low vision reading aid for the local community.

It could have carried a message for the police warning against burglars, or for retail consumers to read the fine print on labels.

Whatever you need one for — we want to hear from you . . . . . and if your use is that unusual, we will put it on our website.


“ECO NEWS: Our Fresnel Card Lenses are HDPE free, and our inks conform to EN-71 regulations   -   A great ECO Friendly product to promote your company


Some useful notes on size v power


Generally speaking, the smaller the lens the more powerful the magnification


Hand Held magnifiers can have a lens diameter of between 50mm and 100mm.  The 50mm dia lens however will have a x3 magnification, while the 100mm lens will be around x1.5 magnification.


Higher powered Linen Testers (Stitch Counters or Loupes) are usually x6,  x8 or x10 magnification and are ideal for checking Artwork, Graphics, Text, Transparencies etc



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SB9801 Chrome DeLuxe Hand Held Magnifier 63mm


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